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Hi dental professionals! Carly Scala here with a request from the WVDHA board.

First, we want to extend our love to our members of WVDHA and encourage them to come forward now and in the future with their opinions and concerns. This pandemic shows how vital it is for us to work together and communicate our concerns. We are stronger together, and membership helps us show strength in numbers. To provide membership information to those ranking above us shows that we are serious about our profession and about the future.

We intend to keep everyone updated on information from the WV State Board of Dentistry and will include information from our last blog post at the bottom of this post.

Second, we want to offer our support to the Class of 2020 and all dental hygiene students and recognize that these are trying times. If there is anything WVDHA can do to assist you in this time, please reach out to us on the website, via e-mail, or on the Facebook page.

Here is where we need your help!

We would like to hear the opinions of our members and nonmembers and see what question and concerns are important to you during this time. If questioned, we want to be able to voice your opinion, possibly even direct quotes, and make sure our constituents are heard. These comments would be preferable on this post itself, but anyone who would like to reach out to us via, the Facebook page, or to message us on this page as well.

Topics of concern can include but are not limited to your opinions on infection control and PPE changes and recommendations, thoughts on patient interaction in the office, instrumentation protocol, and possible return-to-work dates. We would love to hear thoughts broader than these topics, and want you to feel confident in sharing your opinions. You may remain anonymous if you wish as well.

We stand behind the ADHA and the CDC on their recommendations, and will be continuing to support the limiting of elective procedures and communication on regarding what emergent procedures are. The ADHA is running a $50 off coupon code (code is ADVOCATE) for new members on their website, and membership is highly encouraged to show our strength in numbers and that hygienists do believe in the voice of their profession.

Previous info given can be found below. PLEASE comment with your thoughts and concerns on some platform, and we will ensure that your voice is heard.

Thanks, and talk to you soon,

Carly Scala, BSDH, RDH

- - - - - - is a resource hub for hygienists, even if you are not an ADHA member. Here you will see links to TONS of info. You will also see the ADVOCACY section, which states different things the ADHA is doing on behalf of its members. As of this blog posting, the ADHA is enlisting a Call to Action to continue the postponement of elective and non-emergent dental procedures. This can be found here: The DOH has released a COVID-19 guidance for the dental setting. This helps dental healthcare workers know their risk of exposure, how to limit exposure, and contingency and crisis planning.

Here you can find a link to the information regarding the Governor limiting ELECTIVE procedures for the state of WV:

On April 3rd, 2020, the WV Dental Board released a statement regarding elective procedures. Dental professionals are to use their own judgement on what they deem emergent, but this same link details information that will help one decide what is "emergent" and what is "elective". No further statements have been released since this date, and the Stay at Home order for the state of WV has not been lifted at this time.

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