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COVID-19 Updates 4/22/2020

Hi dental hygienists! I am the Webmaster for the WVDHA website and am also an RDH. Like you, I am concerned for my mental and physical health as a hygienist during this pandemic. WVDHA wants to let constituents know about what is available from ADHA during this time, and what the WV Dental Board is releasing. is a resource hub for hygienists, even if you are not an ADHA member. Here you will see links to TONS of info. You will also see the ADVOCACY section, which states different things the ADHA is doing on behalf of its members. As of this blog posting, the ADHA is enlisting a Call to Action to continue the postponement of elective and non-emergent dental procedures. This can be found here: The DOH has released a COVID-19 guidance for the dental setting. This helps dental healthcare workers know their risk of exposure, how to limit exposure, and contingency and crisis planning.