WVDHA Virtual Session:

January 15th, 2022

In 2022, we are offering CE a little bit differently. WVDHA is offering a virtual CE course this year with Robyn Mills, covering 3 CE credits for medical emergencies. The cost for the course is $30, and the course will cover your requirement for medical emergencies with the WV Dental Board. See course objectives and register below. The course will begin at 9AM on January 15th and run until 12PM

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office:  NEVER Treat a Stranger and ALWAYS Know How to Use Your Emergency Kit
Robyn Shabdue Mills, BSDH

The average dental office experiences two documented medical emergencies per year. Although the majority of these are considered minor occurrences, some escalate into life-threatening situations. Many dental office emergencies can be minimized or even eliminated by obtaining proper health history assessments, asking pertinent follow-up questions, providing effective pain control, establishing stress-reduction strategies, and routinely training personnel on the medications in the office emergency kit. Risk assessment, communication, documentation, teamwork, and preparedness of equipment and the emergency kit will be emphasized in this course.
-Discuss the essential elements of being prepared for a medical emergency in the oral healthcare setting.
-Recall the rationale for baseline vital signs, proper health history assessments with pertinent follow-up questions, and documentation.
-Enhance patient care by preventing unnecessary deterioration and prompt treatment of medical emergencies. 
-Understand the importance of medical emergency simulations and a formal emergency plan.
-Recognize common medical emergencies in the dental office environment.
-Identify the essential emergency drugs and equipment for managing common medical emergencies in the dental office.
- Prepare the essential drugs in an emergency kit for administration.
- Evaluate protocols for decreasing stress during dental appointments.

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Jan 15, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
January 15th - Medical Emergencies

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